How To Get A Girl Back - 3 Things Every Guy Must Know

by George Karanastasis, MD


Any time a guy asks me the question, "how to get a girl back" I always extract three key pieces of information from him before offering any advice:

1. Breakup Reason
2. Mindset
3. Timing

Even though every breakup is unique, addressing these three points should be the starting point to any relationship repair strategy. Now let's examine them in more detail to actually see how they fit into the gameplan of how to get a girl back.

The first thing that needs to be analyzed is the reason for the breakup. While there may be countless reasons a relationship goes sour, each and every one of these can be put into one of two categories: her interest level declined or his interest level declined.

The former scenario occurs when the guy shows too much affection towards the girl. Calling too often, excessive gift giving, and too many "I love you" remarks are perfect examples of this. It contradicts logic, but whenever a girl feels smothered with love, she no longer considers her partner a challenge, and hence the drop in interest level.

The latter scenario occurs when they guy doesn't show enough attention towards the girl. Cancelling plans, forgetting to call back, and an overall lack of quality time spent with the girl are prime examples.

The second point of the relationship repair strategy focuses on mindset. That is, what are the guy's current feelings and how much control does he have over those feelings. A breakup is just another form of rejection and when anyone gets rejected, there's always a natural tendency to want to the unattainable back.

The last point, timing, is what will make or break the entire strategy. After a girl ends it with a guy there is a small window of opportunity left wide open to correct things and get back together. Waiting too long before attempting to correct things makes every effort to get her back that much more ineffective.

Once those three focal points have been addressed, the plan of how to get a girl back can be easily put together. For example, if it was her interest level that ultimately declined the guy must re-establish the challenge that once existed in the relationship. If it was his interest level that declined he needs to start showing more affection in a timely, yet subtle fashion.

To correctly execute the above mentioned plan, his mindset is the key. Every action should be based on logical thoughts and not desperate desire. Taking a step back from the entire situation and looking at it from an outsider's point of view is the recommended way to establish the right mindset. In other words, the guy should ask himself the question, "If I were in her shoes, how would I want to be approached?" It is through this perspective that he'll ultimately get his answer.

Finally, and as mentioned before, timing is crucial. The guy should put himself in the right mindset to handle this situation as soon as possible, as every second counts in this how to get a girl back strategy.

About the Author: Dr. Karanastasis is recognized as the leading expert on men's relationship repair and creator of the first-of-its-kind course, "How To Get Her Back For Good - A Shortcut Strategy For Getting Your Girlfriend Back Without Using Tricks, Tactics, or Manipulating Mind-Games" based on the successful consultations of over 1,200 men in a wide variety of breakup situations.

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